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About Bug Nets and Insect Repellent:

Well, we gave it our best shot. Moosejaw Labs has been hard at work for the last year or so, seeing what we could do about that pesky “bugs” in the “outdoors” problem. We love the outdoors and everything that comes with it, but if we could change just one little bitty thing about it all, we’d get rid of those annoying insects that can’t help but try and ruin a good time. So we were workshopping a few ideas, but unfortunately nothing really panned out – turns out, it’s a whole lot harder to keep bugs at bay on a massive, global scale than we had previously imagined. While we work some things out, we have a not-so-bad remedy with this page of bug nets and insect repellent, a pretty not-so-bad remedy for those nasty critters.

Every situation is different, and those bugs are awfully resourceful, so it’s not a one size fits all type of deal. That’s why this bug stuff page has a little bit of everything on it. We have your tried and true repellent sprays up above, with repellent lotions for those of you who want to really make the bugs hate you. Not a huge fan of that way of handling things? Do it up the old fashioned way with some bug pants and insect shields. And what about if any of those jerks end up breaking through the defenses, leaving you with a nasty stinging bite? We have some after bite treatment, sure to lessen your annoyance just a bit.

Listen, there’s probably nothing we can do about this whole bug epidemic, but since some pesky insects aren’t going to keep you from heading out there on your adventures you might as well stock up from this collection and fight those bothersome little devils with everything you got. Spray some repellent, throw your bugs pants on and head into the great unknown – bite-less and worry-free thanks to our handy bug and insect prevention section.