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About Brunton:

Located in Riverton, Wyoming, Brunton Inc. is a company that manufacturers many different kinds of outdoor gear. While their product line is varied, they are particularly well known for their compasses and other navigational gear. They are also responsible for a line of binoculars, backpacks, and even solar panels. In 1996, the Silva Group acquired the company. This company was then acquired in turn by Fiskars Corporation in 2006.

This company has been moving steadily in the right direction to satisfy consumers' camping needs. One of the most popular direction devices is the Brunton 8099 Compass. The 8099 Compass by Brunton is an all-in-one professional compass that serves as both a baseplate and a mirrored sighting map compass. The 8099 features three clinometer systems and the patented circle-over-circle alignment system. This is an undeniable necessity for any backpacker or hiking enthusiast who really, truly does not want to get lost.

Additionally, if your one of those "workaholics" then you can't miss out on the Brunton Solo 3.4 Power Source to power all your personal devices on the go. The revolutionary SOLO 3.4 Power Source by Brunton brings power to the weekend camper or long expedition adventurer way off the grid. Providing power wherever and whenever, the new Solo can operate a variety of electronics such as laptops, TVs, air-pumps, cell phones for hours with the potential for nearly unlimited power capacity. The unit is easily recharged when plugged into a household outlet, vehicle DC outlet or by using Brunton's solar panels. But the true genius of the SOLO™ could well be its lightweight. Because when you consider everything this Brunton invention can do for you, it just might be the smartest 4 pounds you'll ever own.

In the camping vein, Brunton has also branched into cook stoves and other cooking equipment such as pots and utensils. A Brunton Stove is an easy and quick way to prepare meals while you're camping. Offering a variety of sizes, you can create a number of meals on these types of stoves. This can range from a simple can of soup to a fully prepared meal. The stove itself can accommodate any of these dishes. The meal, therefore, really just depends on how motivated you are to cook in the outdoors.