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About Bogs

Since 2002, Bogs Footwear has been doing it right, making the most comfortable boots and shoes for the world's most uncomfortable conditions. Also, they're super cute, you guys. It's raining cats and dogs outside today, so I wore my waterproof Bogs boots to work to keep my feet warm and dry. I even caught the cute guy I sit next to totally checking me out. I'm pretty sure he has a thing for girls in super great boots. Really though, who doesn't?

Not only are Bogs stylish, but they're also tough. Sort of like the bad-ass guy with a sensitive side. You know, the guy that rides a motorcycle, but also has a bouquet of flowers strapped to the back to give to give to his mom. Bogs makes footwear for just about any activity you can think of. Everything from hunting and fishing, to cave exploration, from working on the farm, to serving drinks at a coffee shop, Bogs makes a boot or shoe for every occasion.

The Bogs Footwear philosophy is simple, but difficult to perfect. They manage to make some of the best boots and shoes available, year after year, by always putting feet first. To Bogs, comfort isn't an option, it's a requirement. No shortcuts, no naps. Bogs are tough. They don't avoid obstacles, they overcome them.

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