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About Blundstone:

Built to last and crafted for comfort. Being rugged doesn't mean feeling rough, and Blundstone has mastered riding the line between style and snugness. These tough boots are in for the long haul, evolved for decades to exist as your best option in protecting you against the rigors of the outside world.

With a legacy that stretches over three centuries, these storied boots came to be after the Blundstone family immigrated to Australia in 1855. While the ensuing decades were kind to the Blundstone brand, economic strife in Australia in the early 20th century meant hardships for most local companies, with Blundstone being no exception. Turns out their boots were as rugged as they are, with Blundstone surviving and thriving.

There's a rich heritage with Blundstone, one that values tradition along with inspired innovation. This means staying true to a classic style and vision, all while embracing the latest in industry-leading technologies. Protection is the name of the game, with an unmatched defense against shock and moisture. Ample attention has been positioned in contouring the sole to produce a work boot that supports you and doesn't impede your hard work.

These boots are made to work as hard as you. Your pair of Blunnies will be your new best friend, ready for whichever trail you choose. Why worry about ditching function for form when you can have both? Embrace your new path with Blundstone.