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About Blankets and Bedding:

Welcome to the coziest corner of Moosejaw’s site. You have arrived in a world where you can find all of your blanket and camp bedding needs when it comes to upgrading your favorite campsite or just hanging around the fire. Top brands like Rumpl, Matador, Pendleton and more make it easy to forget about that time you had to carry your grandmother’s queen sized quilt three miles into the campground because dad refused to move the car. These days, blanket options are endless, but luckily we’re here so you can avoid the potential of overwhelming panic.

It’s no surprise that staying warm is one of the most important aspects of camping, especially in colder weather. Crowd around a campfire with your best friends and bundle up in your latest lightweight, down blanket or crawl into your hammock with a sherpa blanket and stargaze with your favorite person. Either way, Moosejaw carries the blanket you need so you can focus more on making memories and less on your body temperature.

You can tell we’re in the future because nowadays blankets have incredible features like DWR coating to keep you and your blanket water resistant and ripstop nylon to replace that one holey blanket your mom used to bring that smelled like the dog. Surprise! Moosejaw carries blankets for all activities. Laying on the beach? Sure, why not. Having a picnic date? Yeah, we’ve got something for that. Going on a rock climbing trip and want to lay your stuff on something instead of the dirty dirt? Yeah, there’s something for that activity too. From laying in the bed of your truck to walking around the coldest of camp nights, finding your ideal camp blanket has never been so simple.