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About Black Diamond Equipment:

Quick, what’s the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about rock climbing and skiing? If it ain’t Black Diamond, you might be just woefully unfamiliar – but that won’t last long. The tremendous folks of Black Diamond have been rocking the outdoor world and blowing minds since the early days when quality climbing and ski gear was just a dream. 1957 – The year the magic happened and Black Diamond began to bring the best kickass apparel and gear possible to the climbing and skiing world. We’re pretty sure that was a Tuesday.

Black Diamond delightfully stands out from the rest of the competition. Using their well-earned clout to become a globally established and respected outdoor brand, this is a team dedicated to designing outdoor clothing and gear that doesn’t suck. In fact, it does the complete opposite - their gear has helped revolutionize the climbing and skiing world. From ski boots to climbing shoes and helmets, climbing harnesses and any and all kinds of other outdoor clothing, Black Diamond has it all. Whether you are bouldering or ice climbing, feel safe using Black Diamond climbing tools like carabiners, ice screws and belay devices, which are specialized for strength and stability and designed to endure the most demanding conditions. This gear is outfitted with innovative technologies that will work to boost your performance and help enhance your natural ability. Black Diamond is able to accomplish all of this thanks to their team of expert climbers and skiers, the best of the best who aspire to share their experiences and know-how with the rest of their extended outdoor family.

Whether you are scaling the side of El Capitan or skiing down the bunny hill, Black Diamond has got you covered. Primed and ready to outfit you in dependable apparel and ironclad gear, feel confident when you face the outdoors head on - The Black Diamond team is ready to ensure you’re going to love it out there.

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