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About Black Diamond Tents:

Masters of outdoor apparel, Black Diamond might come right to mind to those looking to step up their skiing or climbing game. But any great company worth their salt isn’t beholden to only one avenue of product, so it should come to no surprise that the Black Diamond crew has moved into the world of camping by manufacturing killer tents. These things are no joke – built to withstand whatever the elements might throw your way, this is backcountry camping built by those who know a thing or two about the outdoors.

Looking for lightweight? You got it. Last thing you need is another bulky, heavy addition to your gear, so a tent that is durable without need for unwanted weight is a welcome benefit. And exactly what you’re looking for in terms of space and area is easily within your grasp, as variety seems to be the theme here. Looking for a solo solution as you prefer doing the whole “loner camping” thing, trying to get a little closer to nature without the distractions of annoying “people”? Tents made perfect for one person are in the mix, or get yourself into a bivy that gives just enough protection to ensure a good night sleep.

Party people need not worry, as large tent options are available, made perfect for those who need their whole crew out there when they’re spending their nights under the stars. Perfect for any season you want to subject it to, options like the Bombshelter four-person tent are tried and tested to withstand blustering winds, or whatever else might come your way.

First-class tents for those who need the best out there. Black Diamond is a well-respected name when it comes to outdoor goods for great reason – reliable and dependable, again and again, and now at your campsite.

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