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About Black Diamond Harnesses:

Think about it: When you’re out there climbing, pushing yourself and trusting yourself to your gear on that rock side, shouldn’t you feel confident in the harness that’s providing you that oh-so-helpful support? Black Diamond is passionate about building their gear better, and their climbing harnesses are of no exception. Constructed to be comfortable yet wildly strong and secure, these bad boys are primed and ready to handle your climbing adventures regardless of season or conditions.

Toeing the line between producing a harness that’s wildly safe and one that is a dream to wear might seem all sorts of difficult, but the crack team over at Black Diamond figured it out. With waistbelts made wide running in concert with room leg loops, your weight is positioned to be distributed throughout a larger area, making time spent in your new harness easier than ever before. But be sure to grab whatever works best for you – Black Diamond makes their harnesses in a variety of different weights and sizes, giving solutions to those looking for lighter options for all-around use, with heavier builds for anyone looking to do some large-scale conquering.

Head out there with gear you can trust. Black Diamond is a well-respected name in the climbing game, and for good reason – they continue to turn out top-notch equipment you can trust while you’re hanging there, super glad you didn’t leave your safety up to chance.