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About Black Diamond Gloves:

Those mitts of yours, they’re pretty important. Having your hands in working order sure goes a long way towards being able to do your best work out there, and you should never be sidelined in cold weather because you’re fingers got a little chilly. Alternatively, you shouldn’t let a lack of grip hold you back, and the good folks at Black Diamond know a thing or two about keeping your hands happy to ensure you’re able to do what you love: Whether that’s trekking through the vast alpine wonderland or just trekking to your favorite pizza place, Black Diamond gloves will keep those hands of your warm and ready for whatever’s on deck.

Making a pair of gloves that’s equally warm and agile is a tricky proposition – insulation has a bad habit of bulking up your hands to the point that they’re warm, sure, but your dexterity has taken a definite hit. Black Diamond employs some of the best minds in the outerwear business, and their premium level of expertise has brought about gloves that never sacrifice utility for warmth, or vice versa. Quality Thermolite insulation stays true to its name, weighing an incredibly small amount for the considerable heating power it packs.

But cold weather isn’t all you’ll be facing out there – the backcountry is full of all sorts of snow and rain, and considering there’s a good chance you’re getting yourself into some serious snow sports action, some quality waterproof material could go a long way. Keep those hands warm and dry, all with the help of Black Diamond. No risk of locked up fingers or loss of grip, not when you’re grabbing from the selections above. So grab away, already.

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