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About Black Diamond Climbing Shoes:

Black Diamond, the legendary US climbing hardware manufacturer, has taken their business a step further with the release of rock climbing shoes. Insanely comfort and easy to wear, Black Diamond is showing the world what it can do when its innovative technologies are applied to specialized footwear. Inspired by the way its carabiners are forged, this climbing company molds rubber instead of cutting it from sheets. Not only does this help to refine comfort and weight, but it also keeps the rubber consistent for an even wear. They’re perfect for entry-level climbers or those looking for all-day support.

Black Diamond’s Momentum line of climbing shoes is constructed using knit technology instead of thick leather. These comfy materials provide an easy-to-wear, sock-like fit. They allow for superior breathability from crags to climbing walls. Don’t assume that the knit textiles are flimsy and weak. These climbing shoes resist tears and abrasions while offering superior sensitivity. Their soft, flexible midsoles mirror your movements and the sticky rubber bottoms take well to plastic and rock alike. You’re also able to meet your unique shoe-fit and personal preferences as a result of lace-ups and velcro straps. Ultimate adjustability, all-day comfort, lightweight and consistently consistent, Black Diamond’s emerging into climbing shoes is a breath of fresh air.