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About Black Diamond Climbing Gear:

Since 1957, Black Diamond has been steadfast in their desire to build the climbing game better, producing top-notch equipment for the outdoor community. The climbing gurus at Black Diamond work tirelessly to keep you hooked up with only the most awesome, quality climbing equipment, ensuring that killer performance and great looks work hand in hand. Designing their products with innovative construction and industry-leading technology, the results speak for themselves: Lightweight, yet durable gear that can stand up to even the harshest, most demanding conditions.

All of their rock climbing shoes and gear is tested beyond belief, working to ensure that everyone who shares the same passion for climbing can have a blast getting vertical and being safe. Whether you need a helmet with a polycarbonate shell and light mounts, some extra carabiners with super secure magnetic arms, stainless steel crampons or belays with durable cable holds, Black Diamond has the gear you need.

With products for all types of climbers, Black Diamond is thorough in keeping an inventory large enough to have everyone covered. Ice climbing in the Swiss Alps using an ice ax with a razor sharp pick and lightweight, carbon fiber shaft? Bouldering in a harness built with TrakFit technology for quick and easy fitting? Chances are you have Black Diamond written all over it, and you can feel and appreciate the presence on every climb.

Known for their reliable climbing products, Black Diamond has established itself as one of the most trustworthy distributors of rock climbing gear in the universe. Black Diamond? More like black belt. Not sure why Black Diamond should be related to karate in any way, but know this: Black Diamond is committed to providing the highest quality climbing shoes and equipment possible.