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About Black Diamond Backpacks:

Black Diamond has been making backpacks for a long time. After getting themselves established around 1957-ish, they set out on a noble goal: Creating the most superb outdoor gear ever known to man which, you could say, was a bit of an undertaking. A kickass brand that does kickass things, Black Diamond is more devoted than ever to make top-notch gear like durable backpacks and weather-ready ice packs that will help make their owners able to get the most out of their outdoor experiences. And that’s exactly what you’re getting yourself in to – maximum enjoyability, courtesy of Black Diamond.

Dominating in all things climbing and skiing and, by extension, the very important all-things-outdoor category, Black Diamond builds their packs knowing you demand a high level of excellence from your gear. These are spacious, adaptable packs, coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Just how many sub sandwiches can you fit in these bad boys? Hard to say, but the answer will always involve the worlds a whole lot. But it’s more than just being able to lug around a bunch of stuff – designed for functionality as much as they are for style, these are snow packs and hiking packs, and you’ll never be limited no matter what adventure calls you out there. Black Diamond prides themselves at catering to every outdoor enthusiast’s needs by designing each pack with high-quality materials and the very latest in premium pack technology.

Expect perks like reACTIV suspension, allowing you to move faster and lighter while doing your best mountaineering. Waterproof material means no worry of unwanted moisture ruining your gear mid-hike, with padded shoulder straps and hip belts to ensure a comfortable wear. Black Diamonds packs make for comfortable transportation, no matter if you’re geared up for everyday travels or long expeditions. Factor in that these lightweight, cavernous outdoor backpacks are multifunctional with a bevy of dividers and pockets to help keep that stuff of yours crazy safe and comfy. Whether you’re going to class or climbing Everest, a Black Diamond pack is a pretty sure bet.

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