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About Black Crows Skis

Unable to find skis that were suited for their style of riding, two professional freeskiers created Black Crows in 2006, seeking to challenge the trends present in the ski industry. They wanted to create a ski that was suited for deep snow but also capable of tight turns, exactly what you needed when freeriding. They achieved that and more, moving on to create sturdy, reliable skis for a variety of conditions.

The Black Crows Camox Freebird model is lightweight and stable and will have you carving down the slopes, you guessed it, as free as a bird. A touring model, this ski will perform well on multiple different snow surfaces. This means you can choose what type of snow you want to ride with the confidence that your skis will be able to handle it.

Black Crows didn’t forget about their roots, either. If big mountain freeskiing is your second favorite thing in the world (after puppies, of course), then look no further than the Nocta. The straight edges and full reverse camber allow them to float on top of that lovely, fluffy powder, all the while remaining easy to maneuver.

Born in the fertile snow of freeskiing, Black Crows has continued to spread its wings in the industry, growing from a niche company into an internationally known brand, all the while maintaining and promoting their belief that ski culture is a window to the world.