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About Birkenstock Sandals and Footwear:

Some brands talk about tradition, but not many can hold that claim quite as well as Birkenstock. Through the last forty years and thanks in no small part to some incredible hard passion and hard work, the pros at Birkenstock have seen their sandals become a standard in American footwear - thing is, the Birkenstock family has been making shoes much longer than that, with over 230 years of faithful service. Quality hard work has translated into a brand consistently known for comfortable fits and distinctive looks, crossing through fads and fashion waves to become a footwear institution.

For years known only to German households, the Birkenstock brand finally crossed over to American shores in 1967, shortly thereafter becoming available for sale to eager wearers worldwide. With a quick gain of admiration based on their incredible comfort, Birkenstocks became an early favorite of those working in the medical community, thanks to their all-day comfort and easy wearing style. The love garnered by doctors and nurses across the country reached over to everyday wearers, becoming a great casual and comfortable footwear solution.

Most well known for their definitive sandal style, the Birkenstock brand has diversified to include a wide array of sandals and shoes for sale, even branching out into clogs - yes, clogs - and haven't you always felt like getting a little clog in your life? Birkenstock's modern take on a trusty classic fits perfectly with the rest of their spirited line, giving even the most ardent anti-sandal wearers the opportunity to wear a piece of classic comfort.

Great weather demands great sandals. The start of spring is the start sandal season, and why not wear the very best out there? The real deal, Birkenstock's are a household name for good reason.

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