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About BioLite Stoves and Solar Powered Camp Gear

BioLite wants everyone to have access to energy. It helps to keep people safe and increases their productivity. Based on the belief that energy is essential,, they use a Parallel Innovation business model that seeks to provide energy solutions to two different types of customers: outdoor recreation users as well as off-grid households in places such as Africa. By developing core technology that works for both markets, they can then tailor the products depending on the customers.

For instance, BioLite camp stoves are unique in a number of ways. First and foremost, they don’t rely on fossil fuels for cooking; they use wood or their BioFuel pellets, meaning you don’t have to carry around fuel canisters with you. You can spend time enjoying cooking out in the wilderness like a modern day caveperson, as opposed to worrying about running out of fuel while on your trip. Secondly, they have a built-in fan to improve combustion and efficiency. Lastly, if you can’t quite unplug while out on the trail, the Campstove 2 even has a built in charging port and battery, allowing you to charge your device during or after making a delicious meal on the portable grill attachment.

These days, there are a bevy of energy options available to the modern hiker. Whether you need a small light for your bivy, or an entire system to light up the entire campsite, BioLite has you covered. They offer a range of lights, solar panels, and power banks that will help light your way and keep you as connected as you wish to be while outdoors.

From backyards to the backcountry, BioLite allows you to bring energy everywhere.