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About Bikes for Commuting, Racing, Touring, and Recreational Riding:

Riding a bike can bring back cherished memories of circling the block on your cherished three speed. No offense to these vintage rides but bikes have come a long way both in comfort and technology. Moosejaw carries premium bicycles to meet your riding style and preferences. No matter your inclination, these wheels are practical and reliable to get you to and from your next adventure.

Commuting to work is not only healthier for you but it’s also better for the environment and cheaper than paying for gas or a metro card. Commuter and urban bikes, as well as road bikes, combine your excellent sense of style with aerodynamics and technology to give you a smooth ride even in morning traffic. Sleek yet comfortable features make it easier to stop at intersections and traffic lights. They are available in both single and multi-speed to provide strength and agility should you come across any hills. Strong enough to handle the wear and tear of daily commuting yet stylish enough for city living, these bikes are the ideal companion to get to and from work. items.

Mountain bikes and fat tire bikes are perfect for all-season riding. They can roll up, over, or through almost any obstacle. These bad boys can take a beating without compromising shift or brake performance. Cyclocross and gravel bikes can handle a variety of terrains without slowing you down. Grass, gravel, pavement, and dirt are all no match for these specialty road bikes. Providing superior traction without tripping up in mud or slush, you’ll have no problem keeping your speed in the race ahead.

Whether you’re a diehard cyclist or you’re a weekend warrior rider, Moosejaw has a bicycle just for you. Easy to handle, durable construction and super stylish? You’ll feel like your ride has been designed just for you. From city streets to the deepest of woods and even sloppy, muddy trails, there is almost no condition that these bikes can’t handle. Find your favorite and get ready to roll. Literally.