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About Bike Wheels for Road, Mountain, and Commuter Bikes:

Consider upgrading your bicycle's wheels if you're looking to increase your speed and handling while cycling. The number of choices available can seem daunting but Moosejaw carries the best selection of wheels from popular, industry-leading brands. DT Swiss, Mavic, QBP, Enve and more design them with your performance in mind to provide the best in weight, strength, and durability. With options like these, you’ll have no problem selecting the ideal wheelset for your preferred riding discipline.

Generally, the most popular types of wheels are mountain bike wheels and road bike wheels. MTB wheels are a massively important component because they help determine how your bike performs. Lighter wheels are good for better speed and acceleration which is great for racing and cross country rides. On the other hand, heavier wheels can handle a lot more abuse due to wider rims making them ideal for downhill racing.

Road bike wheels are available in a variety of styles depending on the type of ride you enjoy. A popular style are the tubeless road wheels because they are less prone to punctures and run on lower pressure. Not only does this increase speed and efficiency, but it makes them great for a smooth ride even on a mountain bike. Disc brake road bike wheels are an excellent choice for powerful braking while carbon rim wheels are perfect for climbing hills and quickly accelerating.

Regardless of the type of cycling, all bike wheels are made up of the same elements: spokes, rims, and hubs. The general rule for spoke count is the more riding you do, the more spokes you should have. If you’re a lighter cyclist then you can absolutely get away with fewer. Rims are commonly made from aluminum but if you want something super lightweight then your best bet is carbon. Note that you will typically have to match carbon rims with compatible brake pads.

The rim shape is also something that you will need to take into consideration. Narrow bicycle rims offer better aerodynamics and are lighter weight. Wide rims provide a smoother ride and are more durable because they allow the tires to have more contact surface with the ground. Wheels with stiff rims give you a lot more feel of the terrain leading to a rigid ride. Deep rims provide slippery wheels making them a great choice for road racing. Hubs are what connect the spokes with the wheels. The higher the quality, the lighter and more durable the materials are for hubs.

From climbing bike wheels to training wheels and gravel to racing, Moosejaw has just what you need. Upgrading your wheels is the best gift you can give to your faithful riding steed. You’ll notice a difference in your performance, control, and overall cycling enjoyment.