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About Bike Trainers:

A bike trainer allows you to supplement your outdoor riding with indoor training. Not only is it great for at-home training but it can be used to isolate specific areas and conditions to help improve your performance. From entry-level to high-performing, Moosejaw carries a tried and true selection of bicycle trainers from trusted brands such as Burley, Blackburn, Feedback Sports, and Elite. Train smarter and better with a premium bike trainer.

A stationary cycle trainer enables you to fine-tune your workout session because of its various resistance levels. Whether you want to strenuously ride uphill or you’re looking to increase your speed, it’s easy to adjust the resistance curve to match any type of real-world riding situation.

Types of indoor bike trainers and stationary stands include:

Wind - Wind trainers have a rear fan that provides resistance with each pedal. While budget-friendly, the downside is that they can be rather noisy.

Magnetic - Unlike wind, magnetic follows a flywheel magnet meaning that resistance does not increase with your cadence. Instead, you shift gears and/or adjust the trainer settings.

Fluid - Fluid simply means that there is a fluid substance within the trainer that increases resistance the faster you pedal. These hometrainers are incredibly quiet thanks to fluid-dynamic and hydraulic resistance.

Roller - Roller trainers contain 3 cylinders, 1 in the front and 2 in the rear, upon which you must balance your bike while pedaling.

FlywheelFlywheel, also known as smart trainers,offer precise training data thanks to features that allow you to mimic a specific type of cycling or race. They are the closest thing to actual outdoor bike riding.