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About Bike Shocks:

Shocks are a key part of your bike’s suspension system. Primarily found on mountain bikes, these rear shocks absorb rough terrain without beating up your body. This allows you to push harder and go farther than ever before. Providing superior traction and control right from the start, you’ll have no trouble taking corners or biting off chunks of burly trail. Their damping controls and springs give you the confidence you need to attack even the most aggressive of trails.

SRAM’s Rockshox are designed with your performance in mind. Their setup is easy and accurate so you can get it done and get back to shredding rocks and trails. Incredibly lightweight yet highly durable, these bike components will keep your suspension systems singing a happy tune. They’ll smoothly absorb sudden drops, uneven terrain and any time you want to go big. From cross-country riding to downhill racing, these mountain bike shocks refuse to quit at any time or any place.