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About Bike Seats and Saddles:

Bike saddles are designed to cater to specific types of cycling - touring, commuting, mountain bike, road racing, etc. If you’re a casual cyclist then your biggest need will be comfort whereas road or MTB riders will be looking for something with high performance and low weight. For many people, the saddle that came with their bike works just fine. It’s generic but it does what it’s made to do. If you’re looking to pep up your perch though, look no further than Moosejaw.

A bike saddle is arguably the most important bicycle component. It has the power to make or break your ride. If it’s doing its job well then you won’t notice a thing. If it’s not then it can lead to itchy chafing, painful sit bones, and even injury due to compromising your normal posture and alignment. It’s critical that you find the correct bike seat that both fits your body and your riding style. The general rule of thumb is, the wider the saddle the more upright you will be. This explains why racing saddles are so narrow.

An uncomfortable bike seat can be demotivational. It'll keep you from wanting to get back in that saddle. Moosejaw carries a wide variety of cushioned seats from gel to foam and even classic leather ones. There are also women-specific saddles designed to accommodate their physiology. Cycling can be a pain in the ass, literally. But with an upgraded bike saddle, you can spin for hours or explore bumpy backcountry trails with zero pain.