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About Bike Repair and Work Stands:

A sturdy bike repair stand saves you money by keeping bike maintenance at home. Whether you’re changing out the tires or just tinkering around with components, a work stand is essential for the at-home bike mechanic or roadside cyclist. If you plan on taking your stand with you for a post-race tuneup then be sure to check out the wide range of bike work stand accessories. These include tool trays to keep the essentials within reach, stabilizers to give your bike balance during a repair, and even transport bags so you can take your entire workshop from home to the trail and back again.

Consider your needs and environment when choosing a work stand. If you’re just starting out and learning the basics of repairs and maintenance then you probably don’t need the same type of repair stand as a professional workshop. At-home mechanics tend to fare well with rear wheel stands, wall-mounted clamps, and portable, foldable stands. This is because rear wheel styles are quite basic and are used for brake and gear adjustments - the most typical type of maintenance. When space in your home or garage is an issue, wall or desk-mounted clamps, as well as foldable stands, are great options.

If your bicycle has a carbon frame then be sure to look at work stands with cushioned clamps. You want a clamp that is secure and adjustable, preferably with a 360-degree rotation so you can adjust incrementally. This will help to make micro-adjustments so that your frame and tubes are stable but won’t be scratched or crushed under the clamp’s pressure. If you plan on working on your bike in a variety of places and environments, a three-legged stand is a perfect option for you. They are more stable on uneven ground such as trails and campgrounds. Four-legged work stands are great for workshops as they are insanely sturdy and heavy-duty. They’re not made for portability but they are the ideal option for Saturday afternoon tinker time.