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About Floor and Portable Bike Pumps:

If you have a bicycle then you need a bike pump. It’s as simple as that. You may even want to have a couple in your arsenal, but it’s essential that you at least have one. Whether you need a floor pump with a hose or a portable handheld, Moosejaw has a wide variety of bike pumps to keep you inflated and on the go. In order to find the perfect fit, make sure that you know what type of valve your bicycle has. Check out the manufacturer’s instructions for specific types. It’ll usually fall under one of three main valves: Shrader, Presta, or Dunlop.

Choosing between a floor pump and a hand pump largely comes down to when it will be used. A floor bike pump is great for home use whether that’s in your garage, workshop, or studio apartment. It quickly inflates tires with ease as a result of the large volume barrel that propels a substantial amount of air with a single push. No need to worry about underinflating or overinflating your tires as the built-in pressure gauge gives you a consistent and reliable read every time. A base plate for keeping the pump steady and twin-sided handle for secure grip make a floor pump a must-have for any bicycle owner.

Mini pumps, aka portable bike pumps, are the perfect companion for road cyclists and mountain bikers. While they’re not as efficient as floor-standing ones, these hand pumps will tide you over during a roadside emergency or an unexpected puncture. Ultra-compact and lightweight, they’re great to have in your backpack as a “just-in-case” tool. When you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions for specific inflation levels, it’s imperative that you get it right. Otherwise, you could be looking at a hefty bill for brand new suspension and/or tires. Digital pressure gauges and shock gauges are simple to use and easy to read. They make it easy to measure and monitor the tire psi and suspension units.