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About Bike Helmets and Safety Gear:

Whether you’re tearing up the trails or tooling around town, it’s imperative that you outfit yourself in a bike helmet and safety gear. Say it with us, “helmet head is a good thing.” They can be the difference between life or death in an accident or crash. In many states, safety precautions such as helmets are required by law. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to purchase high-quality, durable and reliable cycling protection.

These days, modern bike protection is all about performance and style. There are a variety of helmets for different types of cycling such as commuting, road, mountain, and even triathlon. Commuter helmets are subtle and simple and less worried about ventilation. Road helmets are lightweight with vents to provide heat dissipation at high speeds. They offer quite a bit of protection especially in the front due to the nature that most road crashes are experienced head-on.

If you’re a mountain biker then rocky. uneven terrain, and exploring off-road trails speak to your soul. Given this, you’re likely to experience a crash from any direction. As a result, mountain bike helmets supply a ton of coverage to protect your brain no matter which way you fall. Full-face helmets can be used if you’re riding through a lot of brush and foliage. You’ll also find visors on these bad boys to protect your eyes from the sun and glares. Triathlon helmets are all about enhancing aerodynamics. They are sleek and sharp with tails in the rear to enhance airflow. They don’t have a lot of ventilation because they’re endgame is greater speed.

Many bike helmets have features that allow GoPros and lights to be attached. You can also select optional cold weather covers, inbuilt heart rate monitors, and headphone-compatible options. Bike pads protect your bones and joints from burns and scratches while goggles keep bugs, sediment, rain, and snow out of your eyes. Whether you’re bubbly on a budget or you’re looking for the latest and great technical protection, look no further than Moosejaw. Shop some of the most trusted brands in the industry from Smith to Fox, POC Sports to Louis Garneau.