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About Bike Pedals:

Today’s bike pedals are a modern marvel. These sophisticated bicycle components can help to improve your speed, provide a smoother stroke while pedaling, and even help to expend your energy in a more efficient way. Whether you’re a road cyclist addicted to racing or an avid mountain bike with a need for thrills, Moosejaw carries a variety of bike pedals and other components to suit your riding style and comfort preferences.

To break things down in the most basic way, pedals are designed in two camps: clip-in and flat. Clip-ins, also known as clipless pedals, hold your shoe in place via a cleat. Cleats pieces of metal or plastic that are attached to the bottom of your shoes. They are typically designed in two-bold and three bolt styles which then lock into a mechanism found on the pedal. Three-bolt clipless are preferred for road bikes because they provide a stronger connection between shoe and pedal. On the other hand, two-bolt cleats are usually found on mountain bike clip-ins as these cyclists tend to have more stop and go’s during their rides.

Flat pedals also go by the name of platform pedals. These are commonly found on commuting, recreational, freeride and downhill racing bikes, and are preferred by riders who love to jump, soar and spin. This is because shoes are not attached to the pedals allowing for quick placement and removal. Perfect for beginner cyclists, you can quickly bail on your bike should something go wrong during your ride. They’re also ideal for commuters because you won’t have to carry around extra cleat gear with you. You’ll notice small bumps on platform pedals that almost look like teeth. These provide a firmer grip for you to keep your feet in place during bumpy trails and any road obstacles that unexpectedly come your way.