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About Bike Locks:

A bicycle lock keeps your bike safe and secure at all times. It’ll give you peace of mind when it’s time to go on foot and you need to temporarily stash your bike. From college campuses to commuting, you can’t go wrong with a sturdy, durable bike lock. Gone are the days of heavy chains and bulky locks. These are packable, easy to use, and are great for fending off attacks. No lock is 100% theft-proof but you can protect yourself and your bike as best as possibly with a quality lock. Simply check the manufacturer's security rating to see if it meets your criteria and needs. For extra security, it may be a good idea to invest in an alarm or external padlocks.

There are three main types of bicycle locks: cable locks, chain locks, and U-locks (also known as shackles). Cable locks are long and flexible and can be manipulated to wrap around any part of your bicycle as it locks it down. They are the most simple style out of all locks, and are secured using either a key or combination. Cable locks are lightweight and easy to transport in your backpack. The downside is they are not great for long-term storage. In high traffic and public areas where theft is common, you’re better off with something that is more resistant to bolt-cutters.

On the other hand, chain bike locks are heavier and bulkier, but they are less prone to breach than cable locks. While they are vulnerable to bolt-cutters, these locks offer more security and also look more secure to interested thieves. Given that they are not as transportable as cable and U-locks, it’s best not to take them for road cycling or long distance rides. U-locks, aka shackle locks, are the most secure bike locks. Their name describes them perfectly - they are shaped like a U. Made from armored steel, these are much more resistant to being cut than the others. This trusted design is popular for riders of all disciplines and levels as they are extremely rigid but easy to use.

You can even find combination bike locks such as shackles combined with a cable lock. These make it easy to loop through a bicycle’s wheel so you spend less time messing with finding the perfect position and more time with a worry-free mind. No bike is completely safe from a determined thief, but with a high-quality, secure bike lock from Moosejaw, you can protect yourself and your belongings as best as possible.