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About Hitch Mount Bike Racks:

A hitch mount bike rack isn’t meant to delicately care for. The perfect hitch mount rack is designed to be used and abused on a variety of roads and terrains while carrying your precious cargo across thousands of miles. They’re probably the most user-friendly out of all car racks as they are pretty straightforward to install and are compatible across a wide variety of vehicles including SUVs and trucks. Plus, they are incredibly versatile as they are easy to load and can carry almost any kind of bicycle.

All hitch racks attach to a vehicle’s tow hitch receiver...hence their obvious name. If your vehicle did not come with one equipped then it’s possible it install one. These racks are generally found in two main styles, tray style, and arm support. Tray style hitch mounts secure bikes in the form a tray with clamps holding onto the front wheel and/or frame. If you have a carbon frame or a unique shaped frame then your best bet is the front wheel clamp style as they won’t make any contact with your frame. Heavy bicycles such as enduro or downhill are most easily transported using a tray style because it offers the lowest loading height.

Arm support hitch racks carry bicycles by attaching their frames to the arm of the arm. Bikes don’t sit in the tray but are extended out a bit as a result of the arm attachment point. The resulting extended length of your vehicle can make it difficult to maneuver into parking spots and tight spaces so make sure that you’re aware of space while using one. These bike racks also offer low loading height and can even be folded up or down for easy access to your trunk.

Hitch bike racks are excellent for single or multi bike use. To ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped with sufficient rear suspension, check out your car’s owner manual. From one bike all the way up to a six bike rack, you have plenty of options to find one that meets all of your needs and requirements. Whether your family is heading out on their annual summer vacation or you need to get away from the hustle and bustle, a hitchmount rack is a great way to carry your cargo without a ton of stress and fuss.