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About Bike Forks and Suspension:

Upgrading your suspension fork can unlock your mountain bike performance potential. Not only does it improve the overall handling but it also absorbs harsh impacts allowing you to explore bigger and steeper tracks. At its most basic design, a bike fork is made up of two upper legs that sit within one lower leg. There have been major improvements throughout the years giving these bike components superior strength, functionality, and reliability. Whether you’re looking for superior tracking to keep you in line or you need fine tuning for consistent feel, these forks are available in a wide variety of categories to provide accurate steering, better braking, and more grip.

Don’t let the complicated technical jargon scare you off. The only thing you need to worry about is matching the type of riding you enjoy with the correct bicycle fork. The two biggest factors here are the length of the fork and the travel. The length is measured from crown to axle and the travel is the distance that the fork moves up and down while you pedal. These allow for superior comfort and control especially on rough terrain, fast descents, and long distance rides. Generally, a longer travel means more suspension leading to a smoother ride. However, this can mean more weight along with a relaxed riding position. This type of balance does not bode well for steep climbs and hills. Cross-country and trail mountain bikes typically have the least amount of travel while downhill has the most.

You can see and feel the quality in these suspension forks. No compromise has been made on detailing, finishing, or construction. Designed with your ride in mind, they soak up your ride and spit out pure performance. Whether you’re looking for something affordable or you want burly, long-distance bike forks, Moosejaw has something just for you. A mix of premium single and double crown forks, as well as major suspension system offerings, are all here just waiting for you. Shop the biggest cycling brands such as Shimano, Magura, SRAM and more. This is your one-stop shop for all of your biking needs.