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About Bike Computers:

Bike computers give you the information you need in order to accomplish peak performance levels. The most basic models provide speed, distance and trip time. This is enough for some riders as they are not competing in timed trials or they just simply want to know how they are faring on leisurely rides. Advanced, high-tech bike computers are great for road cyclists and those with a dedicated training schedule. In addition to the stats above, they add in functionalities such as heart rate, cadence, elevation, temperature, calories burned and so much more.

A bike computer is the perfect solution for when your iPhone is not providing the most accurate data from your ride. Although your smartphone has a GPS, that doesn’t always translate to up-to-date, precise information. Yes, it’s convenient to use as you already have one but when the numbers are totaled up, it can cost more to use your cell phone for your cycling needs instead of purchasing a bike computer.

Your phone will need a case and mount to attach it to the handlebars and you run the risk of damage should you experience a fall or crash. Then there’s always the problem of battery life. Using a tracking app can deplete your phone’s battery quickly leaving you ill-prepared in the middle of your race. Another headache with using your phone to track your performance is that WiFi and cell service are not always guaranteed. You can download or purchase plans ahead of time but this may leave you with an out of date map.

Moosejaw carries a wide variety of bike computers from Industry-leading brands such as Garmin, Lezyne, CatEye and more. Innovative systems such as Bluetooth-enabled GPS maps and wireless route providers put the power in your hands to understand your performance and where improvements can be made. They’re a great training tool to keep you motivated for your upcoming race. Information is more readily available in this day and age than ever before. A bike computer purchase is a smart choice to make.