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About Bike Cargo Bags:

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I don't have a middle name. That's pretty weird right? That I don't have a middle name? Forever the "middle initial" spot on forms and documents will be left blank by me, never to be filled by middle initial. This really has nothing to do with bike cargo bags, so I guess I'll talk to you more about that now. But, yeah it's still just very weird to me that I don't have a middle name.

Bike cargo bags are large storage bags that are meant to be attached to a bicycle rack when you go on your many cycling adventures. Cargo bags for cycling have multiple internal pockets for extra storage, whether that is tools, first aid, or food. They are made to comfortably attach to a bike rack, so you won't have to worry about it falling off mid-ride. Imagine cycling several miles, really into this new Shakira CD, to stop and find out that your bike cargo bag fell off 3 miles ago; that would actually suck. So to assure you that your cargo bags for your bike don't fall off mid-ride; Moosejaw carries several quality bags that attach easily to your bicycle rack for added storage safety. If you aren't already loving the additional storage available in cargo bags for bicycles, you'll be sure to love that Moosejaw carries some thermal bicycle cargo bags that are insulated so your whatever you put in there will stay the temperature you want it to be. If you want to carry some hot soup, put that in your bike cargo bag, because it will probably stay warm as it spills everywhere during your ride.

Anyway, bike cargo bags are great because you get the additional storage you need while cycling without great compromise to the space on your bicycle. Moosejaw is sure to carry a bicycling cargo bag that speaks to your soul from a top quality brand you love. Once you find one you like, just stick that baby on a bicycle rack and you are good to go on a cycling adventure. Note: please do not put an actual baby on the bicycle rack, that is just a figure of speech, I am referring to the bike cargo bag when you want to go cycling.