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Thule Vertex Bike Carrier

Vertex Bike Carrier

$259.95 - $359.95
Thule Apex Bike Carrier
  • GREY

Apex Bike Carrier

$399.95 - $459.95
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About Bike Car Racks:

Are you ever driving on the highway and you see a car with a bicycle trunk rack full of bikes and you know that person is about to have a badass time. They're driving to a great park or some forest full of nature bike paths, the people in that car are going to have a great time and they didn't invite you. Serious how could they not invite you? Don't they see your empty bike rack attached to the back of your trunk? Rude.

Well, you can go on your own bicycle adventures with a great, new bike rack from Moosejaw. Moosejaw has a variety of bicycle racks for you to choose between with all different types of bike mounts. If you don't believe me you can totally check for yourself, because we have bike roof mounts, bike trunk mounts and bike hitch mounts. We have so many types of bike mounts we could make a mountain out of them. Haha,wow.

Anyway, the variety of bike carriers we have gives you great options on how you want to store your bike. Whether you want to use a bike carrier to put a bike up on your car's roof with a bike roof rack, or just hitch it to your trunk with a bike trunk rack, your bike will be safe and secure with a bicycle mount. Moosejaw carries some of the most quality bike car racks from some of the best brands in the industry, so a bike car rack from Moosejaw will keep your bike safe, I don't know. I put in the "I don't know" so just in case your bicycle carrier becomes alive and is an evil bike car rack, destroying your bike as it goes to terrorize a nearby town, I am not liable.

So, check out the great bicycle racks we have at Moosejaw. That will entitle you to scroll up the page, which could take you a while because we have a lot of bicycle rack stuff. Disclaimer: Bicycle trunk racks should not be used as an extra seat, unless your name is Steve-O and you're filming Jackass 4.