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About Bike Brakes and Shifters:

It’s probably time to upgrade your brakes and shifters. Telltale signs are when your shifting isn’t smooth enough or if you’re looking to improve control and handling. From brake levers to disc brakes and electronic to mechanical shifters, Moosejaw carries a wide selection of bike components to meet your every need. Shop from trusted, popular brands such as Shimano, SRAM, Magura and more.

Often times, after purchasing a bike, you’ll find that certain parts just aren’t compatible with your riding style. Perhaps you want to be able to shift at high speeds without a ton of weight., or you’re looking for something more ergonomic for flat-bar mountain biking, you’re in the right place. These shifters and brakes are designed to endure severe abuse and get down and dirty with you on unforgiving terrain. This cycling gear is found at the pinnacle of durability, reliability and lightweight.

Having well-made, high-quality bikes and shifters mean the difference between confidently riding hard trails and running out of energy in the middle of your cyclocross race. Get the most enjoyment out of your bike with some of the best bike brakes and shifters available. You’ll be able to feel the stopping power as you go downhill. Shift quickly and precisely even when powering up a climb.