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Patagonia Men's Dirt Craft Bike Short

Men's Dirt Craft Bike Short

From $94.99   $149.00
up to 36% off
Patagonia Men's Dirt Roamer Bike Short
  • GREY
  • BLUE

Men's Dirt Roamer Bike Short

From $59.99   $99.00
up to 39% off
Burley Coho XC

Coho XC

Fox Men's Proframe Helmet
  • BLUE
  • GREY

Men's Proframe Helmet

$199.99 - $249.95
up to 20% off
Topo Designs Men's Mountain Jacket
  • BLUE

Topo Designs
Men's Mountain Jacket

From $238.99   $299.00
up to 20% off
Thule Vertex Bike Carrier

Vertex Bike Carrier

$259.95 - $359.95
Shimano XT BL-M8000 Disc Brake Set

XT BL-M8000 Disc Brake Set

$89.99   $149.99
40% off
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About Bike Gear and Clothing:

Attention riders! Put your hands up and fasten in tight, as we’re about to give you the ride of your life! Or, I don’t know, something like that. Unbridled excitement aside, we are awfully happy to share with you our collection of bike gear and clothing, intended to be a one-stop-shop of sorts for all you cycling enthusiasts. From top-notch biking accessories to premium outerwear that’s determined to help you perform out there, we have a little bit of everything. It’s like we’re trying to be the ultimate people pleaser, except swap out the word “people” with the word “bike rider guy.” That is what we do here. Well, we run this whole website too, I guess. But this bike page, we’re really proud of it.

As you’re probably aware, being an active rider involves a whole lot more than actually riding that bike of yours. Are you in possession of a top-notch backpack that can handle all of your various goodies and accessories that you need while you’re out riding around? We can give you a hand with that, with a wealth of top-tier brands on display with their even-more top-tier backpacks. Looking good and preparing yourself for the elements is also important, so premium cycling apparel is up there right between the gear and packs. Not only is weather unpredictable (do you trust that weatherman guy?) but time spent riding demands clothing that’ll work with you, not against you. Find some jackets and pants that’ll bring some waterproof-action alongside a bit of wind-proofing, keeping you in premium shape against any inclement storms.

Remember that gear and other goodies we mentioned above? How about a GPS-capable sports watch? Or maybe a tremendous pair of riding shoes, capable of providing comfort on top of refined control? Yeah, those would be mighty nice, and we all know watches and shoes pretty much go hand-in-hand. Throw in a car-ready bike rack so you can take that bad boy any and everywhere with you (provided you, you know, have a car) and you’re just about set to have your bike game elevated to next level status. Grab your helmets and packs and get to your riding, rider. Ride of your life? Sounds good to us.