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About Bern Unlimited:

Bern Unlimited was founded with a single goal in mind: give action sports enthusiasts a single helmet that can be used in all seasons for non-motorized action sports. Dennis Leedom started the company in 2004 to increase head protection awareness and usage because of the many spills he took throughout his years of skiing, biking, snowboarding and park skating. The world took notice when Seth Wescott won Olympic gold in snowboard cross in Torino, Italy while sporting a Bern helmet, and the rest is history.

Accessories such as goggles and audio clips have been added throughout the years, along with more sport-specific helmets such as the Allston biking helmet which has sixteen vents for superior breathability. Yet their focus still remains the same, protect athletes' noggins all season long without taking away their individual style. From warm to cold, these lids are there for you thanks to their removable winter knit liners and summer comfort liners. No longer will you have to stuff a hat under your helmet and sacrifice safety and functionality.

Bern was the first to develop unique helmet designs for both men and women. That's right, they acknowledged that men and women have different needs. Who woulda thought? They have become the benchmark for all-season style, comfort and safety because of their innovative protection. This includes MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system, a lid that fits around your head instead of sitting on top), a BOA crank, and a flip visor to name a few. Each product is athlete tested and approved.

In addition to promoting the importance of protecting your coconut, Bern gives back to the community. They support a range of causes such as The New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation who provides assistance to the messenger workforce, and Grind for Life which helps with costs of long distance travel for cancer patients and their families. Whether you wakeboard, longboard, BMX, skate, ski or snowboard, Bern is there to protect you from the agony of defeat.