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Bergans Rondane 18L Pack
  • BLUE

Rondane 18L Pack

$88.99   $118.95
25% off
Bergans Rondane 38L Pack

Rondane 38L Pack

$118.99   $158.95
25% off
Bergans Women's Viul Lady Jacket

Women's Viul Lady Jacket

$112.99   $198.95
43% off
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About Bergans of Norway:

A wildly beautiful countryside is not without its hardships. Known for some truly gorgeous sights, Norway holds marvels of nature against some pretty demanding conditions. With a landscape that has the potential to pit you against heavy bouts of snow, frigid temperatures and blistering winds, your clothing and gear have some pretty high standards to meet. Bergans of Norway gets this, and presents you with a wide range of outdoor goods made by folks who know how to hang in even the most extreme of conditions.

Surviving in a brisk, frozen setting for centuries without the benefit of modern technology is a pretty impressive feat, so the generations of experience under the collective belts of the Bergans of Norway crew is key in their authentic approach. Not only do these crafty Norwegians have intrinsic winter-fighting skills thanks to years spent in the blustering snow, but the Bergans enterprise itself has been around since 1908. This means there have been decades spent building a loyal worldwide following, thanks to a dedication to building the best built product for the arctic experience.

The Bergans experience is all-encompassing, providing you all the tools you need to enjoy the great outdoors. Originally revered for their top-notch tents, the Bergans product line has grown to be incredibly diverse. Tents are still in the mix, placed against a wide array of backpacks, jackets, vests and I-can't-believe-they're-this-warm pants, with all the appropriate layers in between. Not content in being solely strong and dependable, this gear is outfitted with the latest in industry-leading technologies, marked with more fancy trademarks than you can shake a high-tech pole at.

When you're ready for your expedition to begin, Bergans is ready to supply you with the goods to keep you safe and sound and do it as comfortably as humanly possible. After all, you can trust these guys. They've been at it for a while.

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