Bending Branches

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About Bending Branches:

You know, there’s something to be said about paddling your own canoe – we’re pretty sure that’s a turn of phrase having to do with taking personal responsibility, or believing in your self’s own direction, or something. We’ve never been great at deciphering linguistic fanciness, but suffice it to say we do know a thing or two about actual paddling. We’re an outdoor goods company, for crying out loud! One would hope that we’re up on our watersports knowledge, and in fact, we are – and it’s a good reason Bending Branches is a part of our crew.

After all, you can’t just use anything while you’re out in that kayak of yours. Sure, some flimsy plastic stick could make do in a pinch, but don’t you want to be performing your very best out there? Of course you do. Bending Braches provide you with light and sturdy paddle solutions, using the best of carbon and wood together to produce a paddle that’s strong without any unnecessary heft.

See, it’s a deep-seated passion for quality work that helps put Bending Branches above the rest. These are folks who figuratively live and breathe watersports paddles, proud as hell of their standing among their peers. See what all the fuss is about and do better work out there.