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About BearVault:

Don’t let it ever be said we don’t love bears. Because that’d simply be untrue! We positively adore those furry giant beasts, and although they possess an absurdly terrifying amount of brute strength, we’re still definitively on Team Bear. That said, we aren’t exactly big on their ability to completely decimate your campsite, including your dear, dear food. Love those bears as we might, they’re total freeloaders when it comes to snatching your grub, Yogi Bear-style.

And that’s why we love BearVault so much – they’ve manufactured bear-proof food canisters that make keeping your precious snacks completely untouchable. Sure, there’s been other bear canisters before, but their designs left much to be desired: Often too heavy, with impossibly small openings and able to fit precious little, it was about time someone thought of building it better. And that’s what makes BearVault a welcome addition to your gear. Their “child resistant” screw on cap managed to push bear canister design further, allowing their designs to take more punishment than other brands allow.

You’d think it would go without saying, but we’ll say it here: These bad boys are shatter resistant, meaning the transparent polycarbonate housing will hold up tough against four-legged intruders without busting into a million pieces. Multiple sizes mean you can grab exactly how much you need without over (or under) doing it, facing the great outdoors without a worry of any bear bandits. Camp with peace of mind that your best grub won’t get away from you.