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About Beal Climbing Ropes

Beal has been crafting climbing ropes for over 35 years. Over the decades, they have developed a number of unique ropes, including static ropes with high temperature resistance and a rope that is resistant to a number of dangerous chemicals. In addition to these specialized ropes, they make a number of dynamic climbing ropes, too.

Beal has developed several processes that they’ve implemented in a variety of their climbing ropes. For instance, the Dry Cover process coats every sheath strand in a hydrophobic coating. They are then polymerized at high temperatures, and the resulting sheath gains increased resistance to abrasion, dust, heat, and moisture. Their Unicore technology bonds the core and sheath strands together to reduce sheath slippage; even if somehow the sheath is cut, it won’t slip off the end of the rope and lead to an accident. Thermo Fluid uses infrared to stabilize and homogenize the sheath fibers, leading to a rope that handles better. Lastly, there is the Golden Dry treatment. This treats the core fibers of the rope with a hydrophobic chemical and is used in conjunction with the Dry Cover process to yield a rope that won’t take on water (and weight) when its humid, all the while remaining supple.

The Joker 9.1 mm rope was the first dynamic rope to be classified for use as a single, half, and twin rope. Because of this, you can limit the number of ropes you have to carry out to your pitch, meaning you can save more of your arm strength for climbing as opposed to carrying your ropes. Since it features Beal’s Golden Dry and Unicore technologies, the Joker is a supple, waterproof rope with a sheath that won’t slip, even when cut.

Beal makes ropes for everything from mountaineering, to canyoning and caving, to ice climbing. They even make ropes that will work for gym climbing, if you find the idea of climbing in a dark cave full of bats too scary (like we do). Wherever you’re climbing, Beal’s range of ropes is sure to have something to suit your climbing needs.