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About Backpacks on Sale and Clearance:

Here at Moosejaw, we always have plenty of backpacks on sale but worry not, this isn’t cheap junk or some leftover rubbish. All of the top outdoors brands you know and love – like The North Face, Patagonia and Osprey – they’re all right here, with a wide range of tech and comfort directly at your fingertips. From waterproof fabrics to mesh ventilation, these packs are designed to keep you comfortable year round.

Moosejaw’s discount backpacks come in all sorts of different varieties, with loads of different tech represented throughout - looking for a casual pack with a sturdy sternum strap? Got it. A non-stop commuter in desperate need of a pack that is laptop friendly? Done and done. And it’s a sale pack, too! Getting what you need and getting it at an inexpensive price? Pretty amazing, we know.

Choose from kids’ backpacks for back to school or hydration packs for a weekend camping trip. They provide all the necessities with all the conveniences you could want in a bag. Durable enough to be weighed down with heavy textbooks and scraped against rocks yet comfortable enough to be worn for long distances, you’ll have no problem sporting a brand new brackpack. Shop some of the best deals and discounts from premium outdoor and backpack brands. We promise you won’t regret it.

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