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About Backpacking Packs:

Backpacking packs and travel backpacks are essential when planning for an extended trip. Your life just got so much easier thanks to weather protection, organizational compartments, optimal padding, adjustability and suspension systems. Whether you are backpacking in the Pacific Northwest or mountaineering on Denali, you'll find your pack to be much more comfortable and supportive than you ever thought possible.

Generally speaking, the longer you are out on the trail, the larger pack you'll need which is why these multi-day packs are perfect for long travels. Loads from 40L all the way up to 100L can be accommodated. Flawlessly designed and constructed, you are sure to find the perfect expedition pack that meets your needs and preferences. Not to mention they come with all the bells and whistles that you'd expect such as gear loops, lumbar support, padded straps and quick-access pockets for when you just have to have a snack. Durable enough to be thrown into the back of a truck, tossed in some dirt and scraped on rocks, they can weather a lot, including the weather. You don't have to worry about your gear getting soaked thanks to water-resistant materials or a rain cover.

Backpacking packs are made to hold all the gear you could possibly need when out in the field for a couple weeks. Obviously, you'll be able to carry all the normal camping gear like a sleeping bag, tent, stove, food, clothes, water, and what not. However, if you're actually on some sort of expedition, then chances are you'll also have other gear for scientific research, photography, medical supplies, or whatever else badass people do that require a backpack so large.

Camping and travel gear research and design have come a long way in the past few years too. No longer is carrying 50+ pounds of supplies and equipment super uncomfortable. With improved frames and ergonomic suspension systems, these backpacking packs aren't only comfortable, but also help to reduce moisture build up on your back with air flow technologies that help keep you both cool and dry. The weights of most expedition packs have also been reduced to pretty much nothing. Gone are the days of the super heavy metal frames. The only thing weighing these travel backpacks down now is whatever gear you need to keep stored inside them.