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About Backpacker's Pantry Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Food

Born from the idea that backcountry dining can be more than cold cans of baked beans, Backpacker’s Pantry created backpacking meals that are nutritious, tasty, and packed full of quality ingredients, all the while keeping them lightweight and packable. Aiming to protect the planet, they are committed to environmental sustainability and fully power their factory with wind power. They will even send you a prepaid envelope to ship used pouches to be recycled via the TerraCycle program.

When you’re out on the trail, sometimes you need a little motivation to push through that last mile of the day. Look no further than Backpacker’s Pantry Fettuccini Alfredo with Chicken. This meal includes two servings, but if we are being honest, it is more likely to be one big serving after a long day of hiking. It’s simple to make, too: add boiling water, seal the packet, and let it sit for 20 minutes. By the time you’re done setting up camp, your dinner will be hot and ready to eat.

After a good night’s rest with a full belly, you’re probably not going to want to leave the tent in the morning. But waking up and getting back on the trail will be much more tolerable after a hearty breakfast, trust us. Backpacker’s Pantry has got you covered with their Granola with Bananas, Almonds, and Milk. It contains tons of proteins and calories, giving you all the fuel you’ll need to get through another day of backpacking.

And if you buy too many for your trip, don’t worry: these dehydrated meals have a shelf life of 7 years! All of the meals contain no GMOs, and with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options, there is sure to be a meal that will fit your dietary needs. Next time you need to fuel your adventure, look no further than Backpacker’s Pantry.