Backcountry Snowshoes

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About Running and Racing Snowshoes for the Backcountry:

I don't always go snowshoeing, but when I do, you better believe I'm running a race in the backcountry. With a little shorter frame than your standard snowshoe, and lighter weight too, I'm able to run up and down hills and slopes all day. Or at least until I get tired.

Backcountry snowshoes allow me to get off the groomed trails and really explore the wilderness in the deep powder. I don't need to take it easy on flat ground or gradual inclines and declines. Nope. With my running snowshoes on, I can conquer steep slopes, thick brush, downed logs, and pretty much anything else that mother-nature can throw at me. The only thing my racing snowshoes haven't helped me with is my basketball game. I'm really bad. Something about small hands.