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About Backcountry Access Inc:

When you’re off the beaten path and skiing down a huge mountain, it’s important to be ready for as much as possible, including getting caught in an avalanche. While we know you wouldn’t do it on purpose, these things can happen. Fortunately, Backcountry Access has everything you need in order to be prepared.

Backcountry Access has implemented several useful features into their avalanche probes. For instance, there are no loose cables to cause hangups during the super fast assembly. They’ve also laser etched depth markings for easy measuring out on the mountain. And since they’re super lightweight, you won’t feel weighed down, just prepared. Speaking of lightweight, their extendable aluminum avalanche shovels are exactly that, all the while remaining durable and able to lift plenty of snow.

In addition to probes, BCA also makes avalanche beacons that provide precise pinpointing, exactly what you need when trying to locate someone. They’re easy to use, allowing for less fiddling and faster finding. Their BC Link™ radios will help you to maintain contact with your partners so you can share route tips, your location, or even just your latest joke.

Get your avalanche safety gear in order with Backcountry Access. That way, you can fully enjoy your time carving that sweet, sweet mountainside powder.