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About Baby and Toddler Jackets:

Here at Moosejaw, we recently started running a babysitting business out of our office. When you forget the fact that we’re more or less built to be an outdoor retailer with no tangible child-minding experience whatsoever, it’s really not that bad an idea: We were all babies at one time or another, so hey, we get it. We’re great at dangling car keys over the kids, watching them scurry around chasing a laser pointer, and we’re pretty sure one of us even managed to change a diaper. But what is it we’re most proud of here?

That’s right, the jackets for babies. Specifically, we finally got around to carrying and pushing a wide array of top-notch toddler jackets, great for outfitting the little ones and preparing them for whatever weather comes their way. Sure, it’s probably not a solid idea to take a 2-year-old skiing – we’re pros at this child rearing thing, you remember – but in case that’s something you really wanted to do, that little one would be so incredibly ready for it.

Top outerwear brands like The North Face and Patagonia have produced some outstanding jackets and they’re just waiting for you above, packed full of helpful features that can put even the most anxious parent minds at ease. Water-resistant material to help stave off crappy rain and juice box accidents? Reflective fabric to keep the munchkins extra seeable? And high-octane insulation that can keep the kids extra warm once it gets extra cold? It’s all here. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to head back to the babysitting department – we’re pretty sure something is on fire.