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About Avalanche Packs:

Avalanche packs are quickly becoming an essential piece of safety gear in addition to avalanche beacons, probes and shovels. The importance of safety gear cannot be stressed enough when it comes to preparing for a trip into the snowy backcountry. When an avalanche airbag is worn and deployed correctly, your chances of ending on top of the snow and debris after it comes to rest are greatly improved.

There are a few requirements that avalanche packs must meet. They must be lightweight so as to not weigh down your pack and you’re able to pack the items you normally bring along. They must also be easy to travel with so it’s never a hassle to bring them along for an in case of emergency situation. Lastly, this equipment must be comfortable. When you’re logging some serious miles the last thing you want is to be struggling to carry your gear and safety essentials. When you’re comfortable you’re able to perform at optimal levels. With an avalanche airbag, you can stay safe without affecting your performance.

Hopefully, you will never have to use an avalanche pack. But should you find yourself caught up in one, it’s best that you are as prepared as possible. To ensure that everything is working properly, test your airbag before the start of every season. You should also have it inspected as the manufacturer recommends. The best way to avoid serious injury and potential fatalities is by avoiding an avalanche in the first place. However, should the worst happen, it is imperative that you equipped with best in snow safety gear.