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About Atlas Snowshoes:

Atlas Snow-Shoe Company should receive credit where credit is due. Atlas has brought snowshoeing to the forefront of backcountry travel with the new technologies, such as Spring-Loaded Suspension, that they have created and patented. Atlas Snow-Shoe has made snowshoeing comfortable, fun and extremely enjoyable for beginners and experts alike. I guess beginners and experts aren't totally alike, seeing as one is a beginner and one is an expert. I'm not sure why I used that saying since it doesn't make much sense.

Atlas knows what's up when it comes to snowshoeing. The people at Atlas love to snowshoe themselves. I don't know who wouldn't enjoy the thrill and excitement of climbing down the side of a big snowy mountain in the backcountry. This love of snoeshowing and drive to create better snowshoe technologies has allowed Atlas to create an insane amount of snowshoe patents. And by insane amount, I mean over thirteen Atlas snowshoe patents. Some of these patents include the Atlas heel cleat patent, the Atlas contoured footbed patent, the Atlas Spring-Loaded Suspension system, and the Atlas switchback harness patent. I don't think you need any more proof of the awesomeness and expertise of Atlas snowshoes.

I'm sure it would make you feel good to know that Atlas snowshoes are used by the U.S. Military Special Operations Forces. Well it's true. I wouldn't lie to you. Atlas snowshoes are actually used by the U.S. Military in addition to all those professional guides, extreme athletes, and expeditionists. How exciting is that? You don't have to answer. It was a rhetorical question and I hope you understand.

What's more, Atlas knows how all people of all kinds like snowshoeing. Therefore, they have uniquely designed women's snowshoes, men's snowshoes, and snowshoes kids. Or you could just as easily say snow shoes for kids. Either way, kids like snow shoes too. If you have never snow shoed before, you are missing out on running snow shoes. Remember when you were a kid and like 30lbs and you could walk on the snow? Me either, but I have heard snowshoeing is kind of like that.

If I have done anything in this short time that I have had your attention, I hope I have opened your eyes to Atlas Snow-Shoe Company. Atlas snowshoes are top quality and you would be silly not to own at least one pair. I didn't mean to make fun of you, I'm just saying.

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