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About Arcteryx Fleece Jackets:

Grab yourself the best year-round jacket imaginable. This is what we refer to as a Goldilocks jacket – not too bulky, not too light, a jacket that is just right. And unless you’re planning on spending a wealth of time trudging through endless tundra or being blasted by torrential downpours, a premium fleece jacket could very likely be your perfect fit. If that sound like a great match then Arcteryx is well aware, and their line of fleece coats is built to provide you with an everyday, easy-going, great-looking, multi-hyphenate-friendly jacket.

Stay versatile. That’s the best part of a good fleece jacket – the ability to complement your outfit, not simply exist as an overwhelming centerpiece. Versatility means being able to fit in a multitude of situations, and Arcteryx has their fleece jackets up to that task. Layering with other sweaters or long sleeves isn’t an issue when you have a jacket that’s free enough to allow some extra heft while still providing a trim fit. Or rock it solo, with nary a layer in sight. Fight the mild weather with a cozy fleece that screams “snug”, except it doesn’t actually scream anything at all, because that would be terrifying.

The term “activewear” implies a little something about what you’re up to, and it ain’t easy staying active when you’re held down by the unnecessary bulk of an overcompensating winter jacket, or underprepared with a so-light-it’s-a-joke “jacket”. Find your happy medium that’s far from a compromise – Arcteryx wants that hike to be a breeze, that next climb to feel effortless, all while you look incredible. That last part can’t be overstated enough, as form and function can be right at home. Maybe it shouldn’t be right that a jacket so good looking is as technically proficient as these ones are, but if that’s wrong no one should be right.