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About Arcteryx Down Jackets:

If you’re going to be warm out there, be warm. Trekking through subzero temperatures isn’t the right time to be wishing you had gotten into a better quality jacket, and grabbing excellence you can depend on can go a long way towards bolstering your ability to perform in spite of lousy elements. The team at Arcteryx knows how to handle the great outdoors – for the last few decades, they’ve built a well-earned standing in the world of outdoor apparel by crafting products that not only stand up against cold weather but blast their way through it. Their line of down jackets are no exception.

There’s good reason down insulation has been a standard for so long. Dependable and light, down insulation helps keep your jacket surprisingly compressible so it’s easy to stow along on any trip. But staying lightweight doesn’t come at the come at the detriment of your warmth – down insulation is known for staying incredibly warm, blocking out pesky cold weather temperature and keeping you decidedly toasty in the process. But exactly how warm you get it completely up to you, as you’re able to decide between coats with lower fill counts, or badass, heavy duty juggernauts of coats that will laugh in the face of any chilly temps.

Ensure those day hikes are never interrupted by the sting of winter weather. Backpack with confidence and head out there with reckless abandon – you can do this when you’ve got Arcteryx in the mix. Oh, and you’ll be looking all sorts of terrific out there, too. Making you able to withstand disappointing conditions is one thing, but keeping you looking fly as hell is something else completely, a little something that Arcteryx hangs their hat on. Featuring selections clad in strong, vibrant and solid colors, you’ll be sure to stand out in more ways than one.