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About Arcteryx Clothing:

How do you feel about unparalleled comfort and flexibility? What about first-class style in activewear? Oh, and what about the ability to find it in an endless array of styles and weather-ready fabrics? That’s exceptional versatility, and it adds up to more than fancy words. Whatever you find your passion, there is comfortable, battle-ready Arcteryx attire that’ll perfectly complement your adventure.

Well-known for producing killer outerwear that does an unmatched job of shielding against the elements, the clothing produced by Arcteryx is right up there in terms of quality. In fact, you can pull together an entire wardrobe through Arcteryx – don’t allow any piece of you to suffer lesser apparel.

For maximum comfort on a hike or climb, Arcteryx has built their pants to be decidedly cozy. Thrown under a number of different descriptors, look to performance pants, casual pants, even waterproof and insulated pants, all to make sure there is a pair of Arcteryx pants for just about every activity. Ditto for Arcteryx shorts - there's a pair that’ll work great no matter what madness you get yourself into. Versatile shorts that can go just about anywhere, we’re talking half-pants loaded with technical features, including articulated seat and legs, gusseted crotch, and quick drying TerraTex construction. What does that all mean? It means Arcteryx is paying attention, and delivering.

For those seeking extra warmth, layering is what it’s all about. How about an Arcteryx sweatshirt, something of the lightweight and zip collar variety? Built to bring you superior venting and a heaping helping of moisture wicking, expect quick drying and breathable material as well. Arcteryx branded hoodies are right up there, with the coveted Arcteryx Covert hoodie working to keep you comfortably warm on a chilly hike, compressible enough to easily tote in your pack.

Don’t sleep on the more casual entries in the Arcteryx catalog, with shirts galore eager to fit into your closet. Warmer weather demands short sleeve shirts, and Arcteryx has you covered – or not covered, depending on how you look at it. Get into the Arcteryx tees, polos, and performance short sleeve shirts, allowing you to rock Arcteryx everywhere from casual Friday to the campsite.