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About Arbor Collective:

Arbor Collective was green before green was cool. For over twenty years, they have been committed to making the highest quality products from the best stuff possible. Handmade snowboards launched the brand in 1995 and since then, Arbor has become known for their old school craftsmanship combined with innovative designs as well as their serious commitment to the environment. They are so committed to the eco-friendly lifestyle that for every purchase, a portion goes to their Returning Roots program which donates to groups that protect and restore forests and natural resources.

Arbor snowboards are designed to match your riding experience. From the good times of snowboarding with friends to the pursuit of the perfect ride, their snowboards help to improve your performance on all types of terrain: backcountry, all-mountain, park and street. Sustainable down to the core, they are constructed of 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified poplar, or a mix of sustainable materials such as paulownia or bamboo.

The range of designs for men's and women's snowboards comes from their team of artists and riders who take the eco-boards' performance and quality to the next level. From incredible graphics to groundbreaking technology, this growing cooperative ensures that greatness is soaked into every part of the Arbor story: great designs, great craftsmanship, great quality, great respect for the environment, and great times on your board.