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About Aqua-Bound:

You’ve got a kayak. You’ve got a body of water. You’ve got a life jacket. You only need one more thing: a paddle to propel you and your kayak across that body of water. This is where Aqua-Bound comes in. The world’s largest manufacturer of kayak paddles, they have been making long-lasting paddles for over 25 years, helping people enjoy the tranquility of nature through paddling.

Thanks to the usage of materials like fiberglass and carbon fiber for their shafts and blades, Aqua-Bound paddles are both stiff and lightweight, meaning you won’t be so sore after a day out on the water. Their paddles feature dihedral blades, allowing for smoother strokes that’ll get you further even faster. After extensive research and design, Aqua-Bound developed the Posi-Lok™ ferrule system, featured on select paddles like the Manta Ray Hybrid. Both simple and durable, this system allows you to choose feathering angles in 15 degree increments, so you can dial it in right where you want it.

If you prefer to be standing while you glide across the water, Aqua-Bound also offers SUP paddles containing the same attention to comfort and detail found throughout their products. But why stand when you can sit?